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eded which you spend some time

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A convoy of relief aid enters the besieged rebel-held city of Daraya near Damascus Pirates Andrew McCutchen Jersey , capital of Syria, on June 1, 2016. Relief aid entered the besieged city of Daraya near the capital Damascus on Wednesday, the first to enter the rebel-held city since 2012 Willie Stargell Jersey , according to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). (XinhuaAmmar)
DAMASCUS, June 19 (Xinhua) -- The Syrian army continued its advance into the northern province of Al-Raqqa, the de facto capital of the Islamic State (IS), a military source told Xinhua.

On Sunday, government forces captured the Al-Thawra oilfield and stormed into housing units in western Al-Raqqa after battling IS militants, the source said on condition of anonymity.

Military forces are now merely 10 km from the Al-Tabaqa airbase, located in a town of the same name west of Al-Raqqa, the source added.

On June 4, the Syrian army entered Al-Raqqa's administrative borders, days after unleashing a widescale offensive against the route between the town of Athriya in the central province of Hama, and the Al-Tabaqa town in Al-Raqqa countryside.

Pan-Arab Al-Mayadeen TV said the aim of attacking Al-Raqqa is to recapture the town of Al-Tabqa due to its strategic importance.

The route would enable the Syrian army to sever key routes linking Al-Raqqa with the northern province of Aleppo, where IS control some of the border towns near Turkey and from where it smuggles fighters and weapons.

This new achievement comes only one day after Iraqi forces expelled IS from one of their Iraqi strongholds, the city of Fallujah.

The Syrian government hailed the Iraqi victory, adding that it will positively reflect on the war against terrorism in Syria as well.

RIO DE JANEIRO, April 21 (Xinhua) -- At least two people have died and another was missing in Rio de Janeiro after a newly built cycling track collapsed after being hit by a strong wave, local media reported on Thursday.

The accident happened this morning on the Tim Maia cycling path, which joins the districts of Sao Conrado and Leblon, when a large wave hit one of its support pillars, leading a section of it to collapse.

A 50-meter stretch of the cycling path, which had only been opened in January, fell apart, killing two people and leading to searches by the fire brigade for a third.

The path was built alongside the Niemeyer Avenue and opened in January to link up with two other, older sections. Running for 3.9km, the cycling path cost the city 44.7 million reais (12.6 million U.S. dollars).

Speaking from Athens, Greece, where he was attending the Olympic Flame lighting ceremony, Rio's mayor Eduardo Paes said that "what has happened is unforgivable" and promised "an immediate investigation into the facts", according to Brazilian daily O Globo.

Many of us have needed to lose some weight at some time in our lives. It may have been a case involving eating a tad too much over the festive period, or maybe wanting a sustainable, reliable program that will make weight loss simple and easy.

The issue is that many of us face the identical trouble – we lead very chaotic lives therefore planning nutritious dishes can frequently appear to be an impossibility.

There is, after all Tony Watson Jersey , a whole range of fairly low priced and convenient ready meals on offer at any local supermarket. Sure, they are almost never restaurant quality, nevertheless they are generally perfectly edible even so.

And when modern life gives countless obstacles, the truth is that food will usually slide down our list of priorities. Sure Starling Marte Jersey , eating healthily is usually something all of us wish to accomplish, but there are lots of other things we value too.

The reality is that we have become dependent on fast, simple – frequently unhealthy – food for a good reason. If we spend a reduced amount of time slaving away in the kitchen, we then have more time to devote with our kids Roberto Clemente Jersey , visiting loved ones, socializing together with friends, etc.

Thus, we have to ask a question: can you consume a healthy diet plan and still have enough time to do the things all of us love?

To begin with Kent Tekulve Jersey , you may think that the response to this question is about balances. Maybe spending time cooking a nutritious supper three nights of the week, and devoting ourselves to other activities on the other four.

The good news is, however, that compromise does not have to be made. The true secret to both consuming a healthy diet plan and also living a satisfying life is all in the preparation Jung-ho Kang Jersey , as opposed to the compromising.

In the event that we approach anything haphazardly then naturally results are likely to be mixed. This is very true for our meals.

When we have zero notion of exactly what we’re consuming from one day to the next, then selections will likely need to be made at the eleventh hour. Then when this happens, inevitably the result will be a swift visit to the neighborhood shop to pick up a couple of ready meals. Or maybe, just as probable in my case Josh Harrison Jersey , dialling for a takeaway.

The trouble with using this approach to our eating plans is that it’s not just unhealthy it is also expensive.

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